FYT Experts: Model & Fitnesscoach Jon Hipp – 5 Tipps, um auf Reisen fit zu bleiben

10. August 2017

Jon Hipp pendelt zwischen Mailand, Hamburg und dem Rest der Welt. Auf FYT verrät der Fitnessprofi seine besten Tricks, um unterwegs in Form zu bleiben.

Das sympathische Lächeln lässt es bereits erahnen: Jonathan Hippensteel, kurz Jon Hipp, ist meistens gut gelaunt. Als Model und Fitnesscoach gehört das auch quasi zu seinem Job. Ich habe den feschen Amerikaner, der zwischendurch schon mal für Designer wie Dolce & Gabbana über den Laufsteg flaniert, auf meiner In2Balance-Kreuzfahrt mit der MS Europa 2 kennengelernt. Und auch wenn man meinen könnte, Jon Hipp wäre eben nur das, nämlich ‘hipp’ und gutaussehend, wird man seine Meinung schnell ändern. Der hippe Hipp ist nämlich auch ein ziemlich sympathischer Kerl und sein Enthusiasmus für Fitness, Ernährung und Gesundheit ist schlichtweg ansteckend. Wenn jemand unverbesserliche Couch-Potatoes vom Sofa reißen kann, dann er! Nach ein paar Faszien-Trainingseinheiten mit ihm weiß man jedenfalls gar nicht, wie man bisher eigentlich ohne Blackroll* & Co auskommen konnte. Seiner motivierenden Ausstrahlung kann man sich nur schwer entziehen. Irgendetwas muss er also richtig machen, wenn er um die halbe Welt jettet und selbst nach einem langen Flug noch beschwingt aus dem Flugzeug steigt.

Grund genug, Mr. Hipp zu fragen, wie man sich denn auf Reisen am besten fit halten kann. Lange nachbohren muss man nicht, denn der Fitnesspro hat allerhand Tricks und Kniffe für seine wachsende Fangemeinde, die ‘Hipp-Nation’, parat. Auf Follow Your Trolley verrät er 5 seiner besten Tipps – so simpel und wirkungsvoll, dass man sie bei der nächsten Reise gleich mal ausprobieren sollte…

jon hipp scott teitler

Hipp-Tipp #1 >>

Drink enough Water

About 60 % of the human body is made of water. Our brain and heart have an even higher percent composition of water at 73 % and our lungs are 83 % water. The #1 rule for living a healthy life is keeping your body hydrated. Water in your body is like oil in your car. You can probably still drive your car with low oil but it will have lots of problems and not perform at its potential. You can also ask yourself this question: “Do I want the water in my body to be like a fresh, mountain stream (adequate hydration) or like a still, stinking cesspool (partial dehydration)?”

Ideal hydration is -70% of your body weight in ounces of water per day. I am about 190 lbs (86 kg) so I aim for about 130-140 oz. In metric measures: For every 20 kg bodyweight, drink ~900ml – 1 liter of water. I can’t emphasize enough that adequate hydration is the number one, essential, top, first, foremost and irreplaceable priority and this is the foundation on which we build everything else.

‘Drink H2O! This rule holds true for everyday life, but is even more important during air travel!’

– Jon Hipp

jon hipp alex rivera-2

 Hipp-Tipp #2 >>

Get up and move

In movement, there is life. To move is to be human. Travel often involves countless hours of sitting, so take every opportunity that you can to move around. As Kelly Starrett of MobilityWOD.com says, “Sitting is the new smoking.” While it’s difficult for me to restrain myself, this article is not the forum for a discussion of the disease of sedentary work that infects the corporate world (However, I do have many strategies to counteract the “mandatory” sitting most of us do everyday…but that will have to wait.).

Here are a few helpful tips to increase your movement while traveling:

  • Get up out of your seat as often as possible. Pick an aisle seat for this very reason.
  • Stand around in the galley area and shift your weight from one foot to another.
  • Perform simple stretches to increase blood flow – in your seat but also in the galley area.
  • Walk around the plane. Stretch in the aisle. Be weird. It’s ok! You’ll be the one feeling the best at the end of the trip and everyone else will wish they had moved more like you. ;)

Hipp-Tipp #3 >>


These are a few “mobility tools” without which I never leave home:

You can place these tools on your seat under your hamstrings, behind your lower, middle and upper back, and roll out your feet on them as well. Your body will stay much looser than it would otherwise and thank you for taking care of it during the abuse of travel!

jon hipp alex rivera

Hipp-Tipp #4 >>

Reset your eating/sleeping schedule quickly (on long haul flights)

Beginning on the day of or day before your flight, start to mentally place yourself in the timezone to which you are traveling and modify your eating and sleeping schedule as much as possible. For example, if I am traveling from Europe to the US and I have an early morning flight on Thursday, I will imagine myself in the U.S. timezone starting on Wednesday afternoon. Then, I might have a coffee or green tea in the early evening (U.S. morning) and a last meal after midnight or later (to mimic dinner time in the U.S.). Once I board the plane, I will stay awake a little longer until “bedtime” in the U.S. and then I’ll take a tablet or two of melatonin, put in my earplugs and don my sleeping mask.

If I can’t sleep, I will force myself to remain in a very low energy state and continue imagining myself already in the U.S. and adjusted to the time there. I will fast and not eat again until mid-morning or noon (U.S. time) and drink a coffee or green tea a little before the first meal. Upon arrival in the U.S. late-morning on Thursday, the second part of the day is the most difficult part but you must push through and resist the urge to take a nap! Stretch, go for a run or get in some other kind of exercise and don’t have caffeine too late in the day or you won’t be able to fall asleep that night. Ideally, you will go to bed around 21′ or 22′ and sleep through until 5′ or 6′ on Friday morning, waking up ready for the day! I’ve done this successfully and felt almost fully adjusted within 1-2 days of arrival, even when changing 10-12 timezones.

Hipp-Tipp #5

Avoid sugar & drink smart!

Depending on the airline, the food served on airplanes is as bad or worse than [insert favorite fast-food restaurant or petrol station store]. If you have to eat and don’t have your own snacks, avoid processed carbohydrates such as bread, pasta or any snacks or desserts served. Stick to vegetables, fruit and minimally processed, lightly sauced and low sodium protein options. Snack nut packs are your best bet for snacks onboard! And if you’re going to get your drink on, stick to wine or hard liquor with no juice or sugary drink mixers. My go-to is the NorCal Margarita – tequila, lime & soda (with extra limes). I also avoid drinking any calories except for alcohol as a general rule. And remember: Each boozy drink will have approximately the same intoxication impact of two at ten thousand meters above sea level. ;)

Fitness-Retreats mit Jon Hipp >>

Jon Hipp gehört zum Trainer-Team bei den MTN Retreats, die im Herbst im chicen Alila Resort Jabal Akhda, Oman ausgetragen werden. Trainiert wird auf 2.000 Meter Seehöhe rund um den Al Hajar-Berg, dem höchsten Punkt der arabischen Halbinsel. Abgesehen vom Ziel, die eigene Fitness zu steigern, kommen mit gesunder Kulinarik, Outdoor-Yoga, Spa-Treatments oder Cocktails zum Sonnenuntergang auch Entspannung & Genuss nicht zu kurz. Für ambitionierte Fitness-Freaks ist das MTN Fit Retreat die erste Wahl, alle anderen lassen es mit dem MTN Relax Retreat ein bisschen entspannter angehen. In jeden Fall sorgt Jon für beste Motivation, viel Spaß und optimale Erfolge!

Details & Infos >>

MTN Fit Altitude Training Camp, Oman

Overview Adventure Retreats MTN Fit, Relax & Yoga, Oman

Nächster Termin >>

17 –24 March 2018

8-day Outdoor Altitude Training (2.000 m)

Alila Jabal Akhdar - Exterior - Porte Cochere

Alila Jabal Akhdar - Facilities - Pool 03

Fit mit Jon Hipp >>

Jon Hipp Website / facebookInstagram / YouTube

Photocredits >>
Jon Hipp: (c) Faith Andrews (Titel), Scott Teitler (1) , Alex Rivera (2+3), Hotel: (c) Alila Resorts


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    Dank schön Jeanette! Ich freue mich. Glad to be featured on your awesome blog!

    • Reply Jeanette 13. August 2017 at 13:15

      Thanks Jon, for your great travel-tipps! I will definitely buy a ball & peanut for my next trip & will skip the dessert and have a NorCal Margarita instead!:)

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